The Secret to Rural Youth Ministry


Check out Titus 2:1-8

This is the post you’ve been waiting for! Are you sitting down? What I am about to share with you may come as a shock: The traditional idea of youth group (a paid or volunteer youth director leading students through a goofy game and a Bible study each week) is not necesarily the right fit for every church. But, there is a key component that is necessary for every youth ministry no matter what your programing looks like: mentoring relationships.

Whatever we do in youth ministry, it must flow out of our personal relationships with Jesus Christ; filling us with love and compassion for youth and the salvation of their souls, and leading us into relationship with them so that we might lead them to personal, lifelong relationships with Jesus Christ.

So take a look this week at your own relationships. How is your relationship with Jesus Christ? Are you and your congregation filled with love and compassion for youth? What have been your successes and failures in building relationships with new generations? How are you and your congregation uniquely called and equiped by God to mentor?

Check out this video from Fuller Youth Institute: How does this video speak specifically to you and your context? Where is healing needed in your congregation and community? To what new beginning is God leading you in making disciples of new generations?

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