Defining Who

Large Group of Happy People smiling and embracing.

We had a great turn out for the Rural Ministries Now Conference last Saturday, and it was great chatting with some of you between sessions! One particular bit of feedback has inspired this week’s post on defining who.

I’ve been trying to train myself to use the term “new generations” rather than youth or children’s ministry for a reason: each church has a different current need and is equipped uniquely. Some of our rural churches already have relationships with a few toddlers, some have teenagers, and some have one or two students in multiple age groups from birth to 18. Some of our churches have zero participation under the age of 40. So, we each need to take a look at our congregation and our community and define who God is calling and equiping us to reach right now. We all ought to be making disciples of someone younger than us.

Check out Psalm 71:17-18

“Let me proclaim your power…to all who come after me.” When our focus is on sharing the Gospel with new generations, the Church will grow.  Who has shared the Gospel with you? Who has taught you from childhood until now? What have been the most effective ways someone else has shared the Gospel with you?

Pray this week for clarity and discernment around your “who” and chat with like-minded folks in your congregation about how you might build relationships with them. Remember, sometimes we have to go to them before they will come to us. (More on that next week!)

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