Vessels of Grace


Check out Isaiah 6:1-8 and 2 Timothy 2:21

Have you ever seen mugs like these? Some are so cute and friendly looking, while others are just scary! They are made displaying the whole range of emotions. Some are dopey, while others look upon you lovingly. I see these mugs and I am reminded of the above scriptures and several others that teach us that God has created us to be vessels, or God’s tools, for spreading grace and the Good News of Jesus Christ.

When it comes to sharing the Good News with new generations, what is your expression? Is your “mug” friendly and inviting or judgmental and off putting? We are just vessels. The Holy Spirit does the work of convincing souls and transforming lives, but we are often the face of the Holy Spirit. There are many ways that God reveals God’s self to us, and we are one of those tools.

Sometimes I forget that I am just a vessel. I can’t blame myself if someone chooses to walk away or ignore God. That will, and does, happen. What we are invited and agree to do is extend God’s grace and love so that others have the opportunity to choose for themselves whom they will serve. Even if the burning coal has to touch your lips every day, your guilt is removed and your sins have been forgiven (Isaiah 6:7). So, are you ready for “honorable use”? (2 Timothy 2:21) Have you told your “mug”? 🙂

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