What’s the hard part?

For me, it is usually patient obedience.

I read an article a few months ago…maybe it was a blog post…that said, “everything worth doing has a hard part.” I’ve also heard that most new year’s resolutions have been given up even before this second month of the year! So, as you’ve begun to work toward your ministry goals this year, what’s the hard part?

Often the hardest part is just starting. I’m working with a very small team of community members on developing a new ministry that has great potential for Kingdom impact in our community. However, there are just a few of us seriously supporting this effort at the moment. It can be discouraging at times.

The book of Proverbs includes several verses which encourage us to seek and follow wise council, advice, or instruction so that we too will be wise. Chapter 15 verse 22 reads, “Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed.” With that in mind, I’ve reached out to “those who have gone before” and other experts. But first, I had to find those experts, so I went to the Chief Expert: God.

Pray for the right counselors and partners to join you especially for the hard parts. God will provide you with every necessary thing, including wise counsel. Philippians 4:19 reads, “And my God will supply every need of yours according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” As I have prayed, I haven’t even known what skills or experience to ask for in wise counselors, yet God has provided a variety of connections in unexpected meeting places!

The next hard thing is to trust God’s timeline with perseverance; like the patient obedience pictured above! I have always wanted projects to move quickly. I prefer machine sewing to hand sewing primarily because it is faster. My timeline often fails to take into account the processes, the detail work, and the larger work of the Spirit.

We must remember that though it is easy to feel like you are doing all the work, God is always at work behind the scenes. God sees the complete picture, but what you see is only one part of it even if it appears complete. Pieces of that bigger picture are being put into place. There is much more happening than we are aware.

The Holy Spirit is preparing the hearts of others who will play a role as this story unfolds, and desires to prepare you too. You have to get out of the way and let the Spirit work. Be open to the Holy Spirit. My goals have often been refined or shifted or even replaced with God’s. That’s more than OK- it is always better! It doesn’t mean you failed, but that you faithfully obeyed! You got the work started, allowed God to direct your steps and obeyed God’s direction. Keep that going!

Whatever your hard part is, remember God is with you and persevere for His glory!

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