Making one small change might be the best thing for your ministry right now

I have been in so many video meetings since March. I had to make some modifications to make that possible. I taped a camera on top of my computer screen and set up a speaker and microphone. However, the way my desk was positioned in the room, I was back-lit by a big stained glass window. While that window is beautiful, it made video quality that much less ideal. Today I just decided to make a change!

That decision ended up meaning that not only did I have to turn the desk around, but I noticed all the dust and had to be careful with all the cords. I had to move everything else and actually clean my office. It ended up being a bigger project than I originally intended to get into today. That’s when I realized this is what ministry is like.

We go with the flow so often and it just keeps going even if it is not exactly excellent. It could be better, but it’s working at least a little bit. It is not until somebody just decides, “We’ve got to do something better; we CAN do something better,” and just does it, that something really good happens.

Yes, it is messy and it often ends up being a bigger job than we intended, but in the end it is worth it! It is going to be better. It is going to be more excellent, and hopefully we are going to reach more people. Maybe not with changing my desk around, but when we change something about the way we are doing ministry, hopefully we are going to reach more people.

So, I want to encourage you today to go ahead and make a change today. Try! See the things that are not exactly excellent; that could be better, and just try! See what God does when you open yourself to one small change the Spirit is leading you to make.

If you would like a free coaching session to help you discover what change might impact your ministry for the better right now, contact me! I would love to help you move forward toward growth! Your first session is always free. (hmm…Maybe having a coach is the first change you need to make?)

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