Why “Dream Small” might be better advice than “Dream Big”

Image by ivabalk on Pixabay

Have you heard the song Dream Small by Josh Wilson? It is so inspiring for the rural ministry context!

Much of our conversations, training, and reading about ministry urges us to dream big and then take baby steps toward that big vision. What if “God sized dreams” are actually smaller than we assume? What if God’s dream for you and your church is the perfect fit instead of something way too big that you have to grow into.

In the song, Josh sings that “simple moments change the world… there’s nothing wrong with bigger dreams, just don’t miss the minutes on the way to bigger things.” The lyrics focus our attention on the little things each person can do everyday to share the love of Christ with our neighbors: giving our time, visiting, dancing, loving, serving, listening, and learning.

Josh also reminds listeners of David and the tiny rock that took down Goliath. Yes, growing our ministries and making disciples can feel like a monumental task. We are fighting a spiritual battle, but it has already been won by Christ! Our job is not to slay the giant ourselves, but to faithfully do the little things using the gifts God has given us.

Eventually the giant will fall, or the tiny seeds will grow into big fruitful trees. We may not notice it happening at first. It may feel like our small contributions are just too small, but don’t believe that lie! God uses the small stones and the tiny seeds, and the simple moments.

When we dream big, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the size of the thing. Even the “baby steps” we develop can feel big because we’ve discounted the significance of the little things. When everything feels too big, it is easy to give up. We need right sized dreams.

The little things ARE significant. So be faithful to keep on “loving on the broken and the hurt”. You ARE doing exactly what God has called and equipped you to do. No matter how small that feels, remember “these simple moments change the world.”

If you’d like to share your stories of ministry, I’d love to hear them; the joys and the struggles! If your feeling overwhelmed, insignificant, or stuck, I’d like to offer you a free coaching session to “dream small” together and discern what growth and flourishing in ministry looks like for you right now. Head over to my contact page and send me a couple of dates and times you’re available for a 30-45 minute free coaching call. I look forward to hearing from you!

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