The Rural Church Turnaround (with Danny Davis)

I first came across the name Danny Davis and his ministry as I was searching for updated rural ministry resources to share, and I discovered his book that came out in 2020: The Rural Church Turnaround.

The opening words of the description read, “Declining or plateauing rural churches do not have to die! They can live and become an influence for good in their communities.” Yes! That is what I’m all about at Growing Rural Ministries: believing and helping others believe that the rural church doesn’t have to die, and also discovering the call and equipping work of the Holy Spirit to become that influence for God in their communities. 

So, in this episode, Danny Davis joins Rev. Meghan to share about his book The Rural Church Turnaround and offers insight into how the rural church can make a comeback and thrive for the Kingdom of God. Watch the video below or click here to listen on the podcast.

Links to Danny’s books and website:

Rural Church Turnaround –

In Him- You Are –

Danny’s website –

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