A Legacy of Vital Rural Ministry

What is your church known for? In visiting with people familiar with the area, the comment was made that New Castle Bible Church of Mackinaw, IL has always had vital ministry.

Join me for this interview with their lead pastor, Kevin Sauder. And, yes, you read that correctly: lead pastor. This is big church ministry in a cornfield! The township of New Castle, where this church was planted and named, doesn’t even exist anymore, but the church remains strong and growing both spiritually and numerically.

Pastor Kevin explains in this second, short video the three circles Gospel sharing diagram, which he mentioned in the interview.

This is the “Shiny Donut” of discipleship which Pastor Kevin explained in the interview.

This discipleship resource center at New Castle Bible Church is available to all free of charge and regularly updated. The only stipulation is you have to read what you take! And WOW, these are solid resources!

Not photographed is a table to the left of the shelves which houses a monthly read that compliments the current sermon series. The shelves contain books for all ages, life stages, and faith development stages. From Bibles and studies on basic Christian doctrine, to various topics for children, teens, and adults. Some are being studied together in life groups or Sunday school classes while others are for individuals, couples, or families to study on their own.

The booklets on the end wall address all kinds of hurts, habits, and hang-ups (to borrow Celebrate Recovery language), which is such a subtle, yet effective piece of hospitality to all. It says, “Yes, you’re welcome here, and we’re willing to talk about and walk with you in this hard thing.” This is just one of many faithful practices out in the open and made easily accessible to all at New Castle Bible Church.

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2 thoughts on “A Legacy of Vital Rural Ministry

  1. Meghan, that was a wonderful interview with Kevin! He provided a lot of good direction for any congregation of God’s people! Very practical and faithful to the Word.


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