Re-Missioning for Growth in Rural Ministry

This month, I am excited to announce that I am partnering as a coach with The River Network: a church planter training and coaching organization for the Global Methodist Church and others.

Most rural ministries do not have a culture of church planting or even recognized that as part of their responsibilities in ministry. Many even see church planting as an impossible task for a rural church to undertake. However, with the Holy Spirit, some training and support, every church has the potential to multiply!

Listen to this Holy Conversations interview with Kenny Ott, Director of Coaching with The River Network, to learn more about this vision for churches planting churches and be inspired to re-mission your church’s ministry for multiplying disciples!

If you’d like to inspire others by sharing the story of your rural church planting experience, please contact me! If you’d like to connect with the assessment, training, and coaching resources at The River Network click HERE.

One thought on “Re-Missioning for Growth in Rural Ministry

  1. Hi Meghan, this is Agnes, I hope you are doing well, in the new year. Our Interview last year failed since we failed to get an appropriate time to do so. I wonder when we can do it again. Right now in Uganda we are busy conducting awareness and sensitization about WCA and GMC. Many new churches which are non-Methodists are eager to join, yet, many UMCs are undecided, others skeptical or even fearing to do so since our bishop and many of the leaders see GMC as a threat to their “empires” and thus, not ready to “let their people go” . On the other hand it is those UMCs who are frustrated by the bad leadership that are eager to go. We are also trying to start/ plant new churches to absorb the people who are leaving the UMC and other denominations. So, the training by River Network is just timely. I would like to connect me to this wonderful organization since I am part of the GMC Ad HoC Committee in Uganda, responsible for the registration of the GMC in our country; and at the same time concerned about planting GMC new churches in our country. By the way, I hope to come for the WWC Global Council meeting next month, in Woodlands, Texas USA. I wonder if I can meet some people from the River Network and be able to share more. Yours together in the LORD’s vineyard, Agnes Birabwa K. Kadama, President, WCA Uganda


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