MO WCA Speaker’s Series:
Rev. Meghan Riegerix
Tuesday, September 15th at 7 PM – 8 PM Online Event

In the midst of everything, especially in this season, is there hope left for the future of the rural Methodist Church? I believe there is always hope for Christ’s church no matter where we are located or in what circumstances we find ourselves.

Leading through the uncertainty is hard, and we often feel like that is harder in rural contexts. But God has equal concern for your ministry and for the souls your church is intended to reach as for any other Gospel-proclaiming ministry in other contexts.

Rev. Meghan Riegerix, Pastor at Bucklin and Mt. Zion United Methodist Churches has been serving in rural ministries since 2003. As a United Methodist Deacon, Rev. Meghan is passionate about seeing rural ministries thrive. She has been sharing her gifts with other rural pastors and ministry leaders primarily online through her blog at since January of 2018. Additionally, she has developed workshops entitled: Freed to Lead: From “No” to “Grow”, and Student Ministries Without Paid Staff.

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