Rev. Meghan Riegerix

I am a Methodist Deacon, serving as Pastor in a rural Missouri, two-point charge and offering my skills as consultant and coach to churches ready to reach new generations for Jesus Christ. I studied and served in youth ministry primarily in rural congregations across 4 states and conferences for 17 years before being appointed to these churches. God has called and equipped me to lead churches toward a more faithful practice of making new generations of disciples, so I am offering that leadership in a couple of ways:

1. Check out my blog posts. Each focuses on just a small piece of the theology or practice of rural youth ministry.

2. Check out the resources page for information on books, websites, or other resources I have found most relevant and helpful to developing and sustaining youth ministry.

3. Get in touch with me for more in depth support. I am available as a consultant or as a coach, or to speak with your congregation or other groups as well.

My prayer is that together we can turn the Church around and become disciples who intentionally make disciples!

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